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 Solution for hanged up dial-up internet connection

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Solution for hanged up dial-up internet connection Empty
PostSubject: Solution for hanged up dial-up internet connection   Solution for hanged up dial-up internet connection Icon_minitimeFri Dec 11, 2009 11:36 am

When you are connected to internet using dial-up connection, the incoming calls on your phone line can create problem with your modem and may be hangs up and disconnects the internet connection frequently, if the call waiting option in your modem sittings is enable. But when you disable the call waiting option and any body tries to call you, he will get the busy beep during internet connected. You must always disable the call waiting option to avoid modem disconnectivity or hangs up.

Follow the below steps to disable the call waiting option:

* Click Start > Settings > Network Connections and click your internet connection.
* Click on Properties button and then click General tab.
* In General tab select Use Dialing Rules checkbox, then click Dialing Rules button.
* Now select your location in the Location list then click Edit button.
* In General tab select “To disable call waiting, dial” checkbox and put any number in next box like *70
* At the end, click the Ok button for each opened window and dial your connection again.
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Solution for hanged up dial-up internet connection
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